Tech News – TED Vancouver, Elon Musk & GoFetch

Underground Subway for Cars Revealed at TED

Elon Musk (of SpaceX and PayPal fame) revealed plans to create an underground subway for cars while being interviewed at the TED Conference 2017 in Vancouver last week. In a video released at the event, cars can be seen using an elevator to access an underground network of roads that Musk says will be able to transport cars and passengers at 200 kph to other parts of the city. High traffic cities such as Mexico City or Beijing could benefit from such a system. To watch the car subway video, click the link below – which brings you to Musk’s Boring Company” website. Also check out Elon Musk’s entire TED interview above as he talks subway, solar power and rockets too!

Fighting to Keep the Internet Equal


The net neutrality rule, established by the Obama administration, is coming under fire from the current Federal Communications Commission Chairman, Ajit Pai, but not without resistance. Pai received a letter from 800 startups, investors and tech orgs urging him not to reverse the existing Internet neutrality rule set in place by the Obama administration. The current rule prevents Internet providers from discriminating or charging differently for various forms of traffic, in essence treating all Internet traffic as equal. Reversing the ruling will allow providers the opportunity to charge for better Internet access for those with pockets deep enough to pay. Big names that helped start the letter to Pai include Y Combinator and Techstars.

Instagram Hits 700 Million Users


Instagram is growing – fast! Instagram has just announced their platform has reached 700 million users, twice as many as Twitter. This is a steep increase from the 600 million users announced 4 months ago (and 500 million just 10 months ago!) Instagram’s latest feature, Instagram Stories, is believed to have played a role in rapid growth on the platform. With 200 million daily active users it’s already exceeding Snapchat’s 161 million daily active users. Digital and social media marketers would be wise to take note of this social trend.

GoFetch Secures $1.4 Million in Funding

Photo courtesy of Instagram @WillsonCross

Local Vancouver startup GoFetch has closed a seed investment round of $1.4 million, following an initial investment of $2 million in June 2016. The team has expanded from 6 to 15 full time employees over the past 6 months and outgrown their humble co-working space and moved to their own office downtown. GoFetch is a mobile marketplace that connects dog owners with dog walkers.

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